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Since the early fifties Aviometal distribute ex stock semis in aluminium alloys and high tech materials, giving their customers assistance both before and after sales in the field of design and manufacturing technologies.  

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Certificazioni Aviometal

In this website you can find:

  • Products:
    An overview of the main products delivered by Aviometal ...
  • Data sheets:
    Technical data sheets of the most frequently used materials, including the specific properties of each material ...
  • Applications:
    Some typical applications of aluminium alloy products ...
  • Info:
    This section includes general information on aluminium alloy products, relevant manufacturing technologies, dimensional and shape tolerances applicable to products delivered by Aviometal.

Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo assofermet

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Brochure Aviometal

To know our products

Certificazioni Aviometal

To check the availability ex stock of the specific product we suggest to contact our selling department.


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